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The state of the TR Union

BawlsMagee, May 10, 12 4:55 PM.

My fellow Risen-ites,

I hope everyone is doing well in their gaming endeavors.There has been much discussion over the current state of TOR, and TR’s involvement.I wanted to communicate to you guys how I see TR’s role playing out in regards to TOR and gaming in general.

TR has come a long way in terms of guild longevity. TR is 13 years old... That’s a crazy thought!  If TR were a person, his voice would be cracking and he would be humping everything in sight... like Jaydo.

Our organization started with a handful of guys grinding out levels in Asheron’s Call (back when mmo’s use to be truly epic). Since AC, TR moved into SWG and WOW. We encountered some drama, <cough> KellyRose<cough>, and lived to tell the tales.  From there, TR made an appearance into most mainstream games, whether it be PC or console.  At present, we are raiding end game hardmode content in TOR.  As the server population dwindles, we are found wanting more. Personally, I’m excited to play D3 and GW2, but more on that later.

We’ve withstood many rank changes as the games have come and gone, but one fact remains. We always end up back together. (pardon the sap) I'm sure by now you are probably thinking that this is some type of noble sign off before the guild disperses, yet again. 

Nope. Fuck that.

TR is a gaming guild, pure and simple. We play shit. That’swhat we do, and we do it well. 

We will be revamping the website to facilitate all games that TR is playing. We will be posting schedules, and all of our contact info for Steam, Origin, XBOX live, skype, etc. . Nobody should be ashamed that they are playing other games. The diversity is welcome. It’s not our fault that TOR has turned into a torture device.

What matters is that we continue to game together. I personally like raiding/grouping with you guys. We are like-minded individualswho have fun together… even when Jaydo pulls a Jaydo. … or when Will’s connectionrandomly drops during raids… or even when Tommy gushes about how much he enjoysman on man love. Yeah, it’s gross, but he brings the hammer, and we love himfor it.  Our members shape theexperience.

I encourage you guys to post your thoughts on our forums. What releases have you  guys played? What haveyou tested and sucks? Let the guild know what you are playing, because the chances are that some other guildies are also playing or want to.  I know we currently have a hardcore group of guys that are knee deep in League of Legends, Diablo2, Team Fortress 2, TitanQuest, Carl on Duty: Black Cops, and a metric crap ton of other mmo’s that have gone free to play.

Moving forward, Bawls will remain in TR in TOR. The guild is NOT disbanding.  However, if you are looking to keep up your end game presence in TOR, Blackpool is the leader of Path of Destruction. Send him an email in game and I’m sure he would be happy to send you an invite. When the mergers roll around in June,  we will be looking to move to the Ajunta Pall server. If you are just having fun and taking TOR a little less serious, feel free to stay in the guild. Our officers will all maintain a regular presence ingame. If you need anything, send a tell or post in the forums.

What’s next?  Currently,we are excited for the new Diablo 3 release coming this month. I heard someone ask if we will have a guild presence in D3. The answer is yes. We will mostlikely have a guild presence in every major game release. Remember... We play shit. That’s what we do, and we do it well.  After that, Guild Wars2 will be released and we plan to eff that game in the A. I have it preordered (which gives beta access and early release access). Best of all, there’s no monthly sub. So invite your friends to the site, use it as a hub, fill up Ventrilo.

For all you Houston people, Comicpalooza ( is coming to the George R. Brown convention center at the end of this month. I know that Thursaan, Ravash, and I will be attending. We’d love to meet up with yous guys.  There will be some game tourneys going down. See the site for details.  Im thinking about getting some guild swag for us. Is that something you guys would be interested in?

So that’s pretty much it. Let’s get our game on. 




Thursaan, Apr 30, 12 2:42 PM.
Hey TR,

As you all already know, TR is currently raiding Tuesday and Saturday nights.  These are Hard Modes EV and KP respectively, and thus, some of our less-geared members aren't effective in HM raids. 

Feel free to post Normal Raids and Flashpoint Nights in the Events Calendar.  More than one HM raider (including myself) has offered to help.  We can't help unless you ask.


Azumogra, Apr 26, 12 5:27 PM.
Please sign up for the Operation for this Saturday we are lacking participation. Thank you

Character Creation

Luirru, Mar 30, 12 3:13 PM.
Please remember to fill out all information when adding a character, especially your main. We need our characters to be ready and all data readily handy for when we sign-up for raids. Any questions please let us know and we will be happy to assist :)

The Language of TR

BawlsMagee, Mar 30, 12 9:19 AM.
In other news, TR will not be censoring it's members. If you have issues with adult humor/language, turn your chat filter on. 
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